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The Right Way to Love God

Loving God

Did you know there is a wrong way to love somebody? Wrong in the since that the way a person actually feels loved, may be different from how you are showing them you love them. I remember early on in my marriage, I thought I was proving to my husband that I loved him by cooking him meals, serving him, and what some call “spoiling him”. But, after several conversations with my husband (and with the help of The Five Love Language book), I realized that the way my husband felt loved, was by physical touch and affection; not by my acts of service (although he cherishes them also).

As Christians our goal should be to love God, the way HE desires (really requires) to be loved.

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So, how do we love God the right way? Of course, we must look at Scripture to answer this.

#1- With all our hearts, soul and mind– God desires us to love Him with all that we are (Matthew 22:37). He wants to be the center of all our affection. We are to think about God and His Word “day and night” (Psalms 1:2), and focus our heart and mind on Him.

#2- With our lives, not just our lips– Our lives ought to be a living sacrifice to God (Romans 12:1). This is how we prove that we know God and love Him. The Lord doesn’t feel our love simply because we say we love Him, but rather He knows we love Him by how much we live for Him (Matthew 15:8; Luke 6:46; John 14:15)

#3-With our obedience– When we live obedient lives according to the Scripture, we prove to God how much we love Him. Living day after day FOR Jesus, and seeking to please Him shows how much we love God (John 8:31; John 15:10).

Sadly, many professing Christians “love God with all their hearts”, yet fail to showcase their love on a daily basis, by living for Him and keeping His commandments according to His Word. Some think that if they go to church, serve in ministry, pray, worship, give, then we are proving our love for God. But, God says differently. The Word continuously tells us that doing religious deeds do not prove our love for and relationship with God (ask the Pharisees). And although when we love God, we naturally will do good deeds, it’s not the measuring stick if we truly love Him.

Thankfully God tells us how we can truly love Him. In fact, He also tells us when and if we don’t love Him. In John 2:15, we are told that if we love the world and the things of the world, the love of the Father is not in us.

May we all seek to love God in such a way that He feels it.

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