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Testimonials Anyone?

We all love hearing a great testimony right?  I know I surely do. Well, today we are three days post the completion of the 30-Day Prayer Challenge: A Heart Fully Devoted to God, and I must admit, it’s bittersweet for me.

Bitter because I no longer have you guys praying with me, and unable to chat about the prayer challenge with you. But sweet, because WE DID IT!! We finished the prayer challenge, TOGETHER (yaay)!

Have you completed the 30-Day Prayer Challenge: A Heart Fully Devoted to God? If so, I NEED YOUR HELP🙏 If not, please consider taking the challenge… I’m sure you will be encouraged and prayerfully changed.

WATCH us discuss the prayer challenge LIVE during our Facebook Fellowships, and hopefully that will encourage you to do the 30-Day Prayer Challenge. Click here for all three videos.

Ok, back to the testimony, mine first…

The prayer challenge has forced me to examine my prayer life as a whole. It has stirred a greater desire in me not to pray out of obligation or duty, but rather out of love for, and longing to be in intimate fellowship with my Heavenly Father.

I’m desiring more and more to truly be fully devoted to God. I also find that since I’ve been intentionally focusing my heart and mind on God and His Word, I haven’t focused on any physical needs (and I have them). It’s weird (but not really, it’s biblical Matthew 5:6;6:33).

Thanks to Day 15, 16 and 27 prayers, I’ve also been really thankful for my salvation. The fact that God has given me a new heart, mindset, and desire to please and live for Him… is mind-blowing. That I have been chosen to be saved and called a child of God…THANK YOU JESUS.

So, what about you?

I would love to hear how the prayer challenge has impacted you. What was your favorite prayer and Scripture? Would you recommend the prayer challenge to a friend/family? Would you go through the prayer challenge again ( I know I will be)?

Your testimonials will not only encourage me, but other women who desire to be fully devoted to God.

So please, let the testimonials pour in👏😍💝

You can leave them in the comments below, or email


THANK YOU so much for joining me in the prayer challenge. I can’t wait to come together in prayer again in the near future.

Please know that my prayers have not ceased for you, but I continue to pray for you.

For this reason also, since the day we heard of it, we have not ceased to pray for you and to ask that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding,- Colossians 1:9


PS- If you haven’t taken the prayer challenge, you can start today.


PSS- Don’t forget, to watch all three Facebook Fellowship videos, and listen to us discuss the prayer challenge. Each one was amazingly encouraging, uplifting, convicting, and sooo GOOD. Click here.



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